So now I'm a curator? Who knew?

This from @ChrisBrogan today. It MUST be shared.

But to get to where you really want to be, there’s a tiny little map:

  1. Define success clearly. On paper. Write it the hell down.
  2. Accept no small story. Your story was destined to be big, if only for you.
  3. Work every day. Grind harder every day. Never coast. Never accept that you’ve done all you can do.
  4. Get over yourself. (I’m writing this while feeling very depressed, stressed out, under appreciated, and many other emotions. Know what? Who cares? The work still needs doing.)
  5. Put others first. The MOST successful people all have service of others as a core tenet of what they do.
  6. Yes, there are rich people who don’t do that. They’re not successful. There’s a difference.

Oh, and if you think there’s a rulebook or a permission slip, stop it. You are writing this book. What you set down is what happens. This is YOUR own adventure.

You in?

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